what's in the box?

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Other than navigation, a fully shader-based water mesh (300 fps on iPad Air) and some large design decisions I’ve been working on one of the most important features: Peeking inside.

It would be a scam to tease the player with curious structures without offering a chance to peek (and hopefully walk) inside. The video above is the first step towards that.

The animated revealing of the interior of the structure is meant to emphasize a feeling of exploration and anticipation. While i’m not sure if I will keep this effect, I like the results so far.

However, this effect is not sufficient for completely enclosed spaces. The ability to see the exterior clearly will prevent me from making puzzles that involve mapping an interior space to the outside world.

Brandon Catcho

Senior Software Engineer at TechSmith Corporation. I write/record music and explore game development on the side. All views expressed here are my own.

Lansing Michigan