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sss 173

Click for big Check out the little guy on top for scale. I have been working on mechanics this week but did find some time to add more pretty to the game including decals and angled pieces! Initially I was afraid to add anything that wasn't a right angle, but I'm over that now....

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sss 172

Though I just recently shared some shots on my blog, I thought I would share a few more large images. For scale, look for the little white figure in each image. Click for big Click for large Click for huuuge...

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sss 170

Note This article is old and has nearly nothing to do with the game anymore. Just explorimentation Features have been very quick to implement as of late, this week the big push was groups. The few screenshots and gif's I have share so far don't even begin to touch on the ideas I have planned. Hopefully the screenshots below offer a deeper glimpse into the world I am crafting. so... groups? Groups!...

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