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Note This article is old and has nearly nothing to do with the game anymore. Just explorimentation

Features have been very quick to implement as of late, this week the big push was groups. The few screenshots and gif's I have share so far don't even begin to touch on the ideas I have planned. Hopefully the screenshots below offer a deeper glimpse into the world I am crafting.

so... groups?

Groups! You can now snap objects together. They will rotate together and move together. Eventually they may even "Physics" together, but in due time.

group rotation

This was the first thing I thought to make after finishing up group rotations. Note the oscillating shaft in the center:

  • The bottom red block rotates itself (and attached group) clockwise.
  • The center dark grey block just allows a charge to pass through
  • The top red block rotates counter clockwise.

And now from a different angle:

group movement

I decided to see what would happen if I grouped the red mover block to it's power source. This is not something I had planned on doing, it was a side effect of the current group feature. Hmmm..



ejection physics

What happens when a charge doesn't have anywhere to go? It's ejected into the map with physics. So far I allow for 3 bounces and then destroy it. Eventually the material it strikes to have some sort of response/affect.

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