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Orthographic camera, I'm sorry, but we're through. There are cinematography techniques I want to experiment with and you only have one trick - parallel lines. Well I want more.

Specifically, I want a tilt-shift-like feeling. The world around you needs to feel large, mysterious but not imposing. And so I have been experimenting with a subtle perspective. It’s tricky to work with at first but I like the effect.

If you pay attention to the ledge at the top of the screen, you’ll notice that it subtly moves faster than the water behind it. On the flip side, most of the lines in the scene are perpendicular. The Field of View of the camera here is only 9 degrees and requires a very distant Far and Near Plane.

I think I’ll stick with this for a while.

Side note: Two hours of constant FoV tweaking can leave one quite motion sick.

Brandon Catcho

Senior Software Engineer at TechSmith Corporation. I write/record music and explore game development on the side. All views expressed here are my own.

Lansing Michigan