Go On (without me) :: git init

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After a much thinking, paper-prototyping and Hawaii relaxing I decided on my next project. The goal is to make this one a working game, however small.

The working title is "Go On Without Me" but I will refer to it as Go On around here. I'll leave the real name for the future.

cold feet

I plan on revealing the idea of the game as I post progress updates. There are a few experiments that may or may not test well and could drastically change the direction of the game. Aka, I'm going to be 100% non-comittal in this first post.

first steps: in game editor

In past projects I've put this off until the middle as the engineering challenge is not trivial and time consuming. However I've built more than a few systems that can manipulate, save and load mesh data at runtime so I decided to do this first.

My reasoning for starting here was a desire to experiment with layouts of the "map" or "game board" from my iPad or while hallway testing without having to re-build the game.

The vine above took just under a week and should be very extensible in the future. Every placeable Actor or Tile implements the same interface respectively. Adding new content (for now) should be as easy as creating the art assets, implementing said interface and updating a JSON config file.

Brandon Catcho

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