Go On :: units into squads, squads into units

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When I first dreamed this idea up I was looking for a way to make micromanaging a few units very interesting. At the same time I had been watching an amazing Let's Play of Legend of Grimrock II by the brilliant Zemalf. In this game you have a party of 4 that occupy four corners of a tile. I thought it would be interesting to introduce this idea into an RTS.

splitting and grouping

The concept is simple. Your units will have an ability and an attack. When split up they can accomplish things concurrently and thus quicky. When grouped together they can leverage the abilities of the other units in a squad to be more effective.

It will be up to the player to determine cool combinations of interesting units and abilities. I enjoy games that encourage theory-crafting and experimentation. This mechanic may lend well to that.

a long shot

So far the results are... interesting. Maybe even fun. But I fear this may a bit too technical for the concpt I'm shooting for. This may be too frantic for the gameplay I imagined. I only half thought I could make it simple (not casual, just simple) enough for the iPad or your PC but I'm starting to think it's leaning a little too heavily towards mechanical mastery.

I'm not against mechanical mastery (I love Starcraft 2 after all) I just was aiming for something a little different. Something with a tad more time to plan and witness the impact of your decisions.

After all, frantic gameplay generally (in my experience) makes for a hard to follow Let's Play.

Brandon Catcho

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