Go On :: navigation and obstacle awareness

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Actors with a PathFollower behavior now respect other Actors with a collider. Currently it is done very naively, though effective enough for now.

Briefly: I have created a MapNavigationService that tracks which units are where. It is an abstraction that treats each tile as a spatial semaphore. If a unit has claimed a tile another can't move in until the previous unit moves away.

remember, this not turn-based

This method will work for now but essentially it was a two day hack. Unfortunately there is still a bit of rigidity to the way units move when they are near each other. I want them to bounce off each other and other physical reactions when they try to occupy the same square.

Once I'm happy with the direction of the game I plan on swinging back around to use a more physics based system to produce a similar feel to Legend of Grimrock 2.

tile rules

Here are the rules so far:

  • Only one squad can exist in a tile at a time.
  • When the unit starts to enter a free tile it claims that tile.
  • If another unit tries to move into that tile it will be denied.
  • When the original unit begins to move into a different tile it will claim that one too. While it is moving between tiles it has a lock on it's destination as well as it's starting position. At this time no other unit can move into either tile.
  • Once said unit has finally reached the center of the destination tile it releases the claim on the previous tile.

Brandon Catcho

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