Go On :: first signs of life

{{vine //vine.co/v/O1MDXhwLr1h/embed/simple}}

Just a quick update. This vine demonstrates a few new features added in the last week:

  • Selectable actors (the little cube dude).
  • Actual gameplay (note the particle effects on the pink tile).
  • Unit orders (the path that is being drawn).
  • Interactivity between the cursor and the terrain.

initial class hierarchy example

  • CatchCo.GoOn (namespace)
    • GoOnMonoBehaviour : UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour (a layer between the framework and my game)
      • GameplayActor
        • Unit
        • TileTop
          • TreeTile
          • RockTile
        • Fx
          • UnitSelectionActor
      • TerrainShape (collection of contiguous tiles)
  • CatchCo.GoOn.DataModel (namespace)
    • Gameplay (namespace)
      • UnitInfo
      • ActorInfo (can aggregate other models)
      • TileTopInfo
      • You get the picture...

moving fast and enjoying this new endeavor

Ok. Back to work...er fun... but not Dwarf Fortress Fun http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/v0.31:Fun.

Brandon Catcho

Senior Software Engineer at TechSmith Corporation. I write/record music and explore game development on the side. All views expressed here are my own.

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