Go On :: combat consequences

Here's the first demonstration of my ideas for combat. I'm desperately trying to stay away from number based combat. Health bars can remove an opportunity for excitement. As a unit's health aproaches zero a player may experience excitement and tension. But the killing shot instantly ends the moment.

I wanted to offer a second chance to pull yourself out of a tight spot. The hope is that this will be interesting to play and watch.

let's play anxiety simulator 2015

Let's Plays (and specifically the people who make them) are why I still enjoy games and I really want to make something that supports this form of entertainment.

let's discuss the gif

Here are the rules I hoped to preview with this gif:

  • When a unit is hit it loses a pip off it's stamina bar
  • When the stamina bar loses its last pip the unit is vulnerable to being knocked out of it's tile
  • Any shot that hits a vulnerable unit will knock it out of its tile.

And a rule not shown here:

  • If a unit is in a squad (multiple units on the same tile) it will not be knocked out when vulnerable. Instead, the whole squad must be vulnerable to be knocked.

no gravity and things to come

But what happens when you knocked into thin air? Well right now nothing. Soon though... soon.

Brandon Catcho

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