Diagram :: nearly done

{{vine //vine.co/v/ObtwxDlHalA/embed/simple}}

Ok. I couldn't help it. I wanted to add a few finishing touches to this small world before I move on to another project. There is a solid week's worth of work between this and the last vine.

I have...

  • Updated nearly every custom shader
  • Built a few custom tools to help turn special Unity 2d meshes into 3d meshes resulting in giant reduction in draw calls and thus a boost in performance.
  • Added color, and a sense of environment.
  • Finished the puzzle (as you can see by the table falling to create a bridge below)

I'm extremely happy with the feel and concept of this prototype but am sad that the end of this project is in sight.

Brandon Catcho

Senior Software Engineer at TechSmith Corporation. I write/record music and explore game development on the side. All views expressed here are my own.

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