Brandon Catcho

Location: Lansing Michigan

Senior Software Engineer at TechSmith Corporation. I write/record music and explore game development on the side. All views expressed here are my own.

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Go On :: this book needed a better cover

I loath feeling defensive when demonstrating an early version of anything I'm working on. This is especially the case for games - they just look like shit for so long. And everyone notices. All too often I have to guide the player's eye back to the point of what I'm demonstrating or requesting feedback on. temporary assets are distracting "So are those always going to be cubes?" The answer is st...

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Go On :: cute tactics and a funny feeling

I was tooling around with the temporary AI and had fun trying to dodge shots from the Magenta/Pink opponent. This works because individual units are targeted. All you have to do is find the rhythm for the opponents cooldown and turn accordingly. that feeling ... that your creation is taking off in a different direction is strong here. My ideas are starting to look more like an action game than a s...

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Go On :: staggered fire for squads

I took a few days off to clear my head. Before diving into Unity I decided to examine the combat gif (a few posts back) with fresh eyes. I couldn't help but feel it was missing the mark. Mostly I couldn't tell which units in a squad were being useful and which were generally useless schmucks... who is doing what and why One of my design goals is to make you (the player) care about the individual u...

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Go On :: platform constraints

A quick update. I'm still in the middle of adding combat, namely the controls, and I wanted to imagine what the game would look/feel like on the platforms I'm looking to support initially: Desktop, iPad, iPhone. Clearly there will be challenges....

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Go On :: thunder dome (combat)

If it isn't clear by now the genera I aim aiming for is a simple RTS-like. It comes from a desire to play an RTS without committing 20 minutes to a game of Starcraft. So now that the game can save and load stages and actors and set them into motion it was time to add combat. look how cool and frantic this feels While the gameplay here is far more hectic than I planned, it is starting to seem excit...

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Go On :: navigation and obstacle awareness

{{vine //}} Actors with a PathFollower behavior now respect other Actors with a collider. Currently it is done very naively, though effective enough for now. Briefly: I have created a MapNavigationService that tracks which units are where. It is an abstraction that treats each tile as a spatial semaphore. If a unit has claimed a tile another can't move in until th...

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Go On :: units into squads, squads into units

{{vine //}} When I first dreamed this idea up I was looking for a way to make micromanaging a few units very interesting. At the same time I had been watching an amazing Let's Play of Legend of Grimrock II by the brilliant Zemalf. In this game you have a party of 4 that occupy four corners of a tile. I thought it would be interesting to introduce this idea into an...

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Go On :: shaders, render queues and fx

{{vine //}} In which I discuss methods of focusing specific units/actors in Unity using full screen quads, render queues and Material pooling. closeup...

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